Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Amy Welborn's Substack

   Amy Welborn has a Substack site on the experience of being Catholic in the years after Vatican II. 

Here's a post about the devotion to the saints:


Hardly any. My mother, as I said, was very observant, but also, I suppose, reticent about devotion and devotionals - which strikes me as perhaps a French-Canadian thing. (I may be wrong about that). I had a cross and a rosary, and was taught to say the rosary, but there were no other saints’ images in our home, and no one ever said anything about patron saints for any of us, for any purpose - for anything. I wasn’t named after a saint (Amelie - a dead aunt, I think) - and had to work hard, when I started getting interested in such things, to find a saint associated with my name - I eventually found the early Christian martyr Victoria.

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