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Here's a post on First Communion and Confirmation:

Now. Let’s move forward.

So, I was confirmed in 1973, and then started working for the Church - in Catholic schools and parishes - about twelve years later. A few observations about how parishes attempted to handle these sacraments during those years:

(As I have said before, experiences varied around the country. Those who were living the Catholic Life in more solidly ethnic enclaves would not, I’m sure, had the same experiences as those who lived in suburbia. I was the latter.)

First Communion:

  • There was a period in which “traditional” attire - basically everyone wearing white - for the celebration of this event was definitely discouraged.

  • There was generally no question that receiving Communion in the hand was the norm. Not even a matter for discussion, and no one even imagined that any child would be receiving on the tongue.

  • If you really go back, you might have been in a parish in which Communion bread was made in-house, and it was a special thing, especially for First Communion.

  • In some areas, there was an attempt to discourage the “traditional” big group celebration of First Communion - to emphasize the family aspect of it, and spread out the celebration of First Communion over many Masses over many weeks.

  • And what about First Reconciliation? Before or after First Communion? That was a controversy for a while.