Tuesday, May 14, 2024

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  Trust Walk is a space to collect stories of Catholic life during the years after the end of the Second Vatican Council.

Written by Amy Welborn

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Welcome to Trust Walk. Close your eyes, join hands and let’s get started.

As a child of Vatican II, born in 1960, and as a person interested in history, I’ve been thinking and writing about the Council and its aftermath…forever. In fact, my very first column in a Catholic publication, in the Florida Catholic back in the mid-80’s, was called something like “Musings of a Vatican II Baby.” My theme was: you old dudes who are constantly framing everything in terms of Vatican II This and Vatican II That – get over it! The younger generation of Catholics has moved beyond all that and lives in a different paradigm!


Yes, here we are, still stuck. It’s frustrating, tragic and not exactly conducive to an evangelizing spirit.

So why this space and what is it, exactly?