Monday, February 12, 2024

Daily Lent Devotional

     If you’re on the lookout for resources for yourself, your kids or your parish or school, take a look at these. It’s not too late to order parish resources. Many of these are available in digital formats, so it’s never too late for those:

  • Reconciled to Goda daily devotional from Creative Communications for the parish written by Amy Welborn.  You can buy it individually, in bulk for the parish our your group, or get a digital version. (.99)

Through Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection, he has reconciled us to God. During the season of Lent, we walk with him on that same journey. We fast; we pray; we give of ourselves in faith so that our actions will open a space for his reconciling love to take root and flourish. To give Jesus that space, to let his conquest of sin and death, his reconciliation, define us: That is holiness. These sensitive devotions by best-selling author Amy Welborn promise to make this Lent a prayerful passage to a deeper spirituality throughout the year.
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