Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Ash Wednesday is February 14

    The Power of the Cross by Michael Dubruiel - a Lenten devotional book - is available as an ebook, after being out of print for many years. 

"michael Dubruiel"

There is power in the Cross of Christ that, sad to say, many Christians don't experience. Now you can learn to see Jesus' suffering and death not as a spectacle or theatrical production, but as a blueprint for how to live your life.

Here is the radical teaching of Our Lord presented in a series of concrete steps that you can take at your own pace, whether you use this book alone or with a group. Learn:

*How to follow Christ more closely.
*God's unique purpose and mission for you.
*How to overcome the evil that you have suffered at the hands of others.
*To find God's presence in difficult times.
*The keys to unleashing the power of the Cross in your life.

Day by day for five weeks, here are the prayers, the reflections, the stories, and the teaching that will help you not only better comprehend the power of Christ's great sacrifice for you, but come to a better understanding of why and how to accept that power now.