Wednesday, December 27, 2023

December 28 - Feast of the Holy Innocents

     Amy Welborn is a contributor - five devotions per issue -  to the Living Faith daily devotional quarterly.

For example, December 28 2018:

These days after celebrating the Nativity can be sobering and even, to some, a little strange. What is this? We take two steps past a celebration of joy, peace and light only to encounter martyrs and slaughtered innocents--why? 


December 5:

Those dry patches within are like little death valleys. But everything about these weeks promises something different. For a strange man stalks that desert. He has water. He eyes us boldly, speaks to us directly and announces that there is one who is to come who will bring life, even here to this dry, impossible place.

 December 4:

I took a look at the creche myself and then sat in a pew for a while, just watching. People waited patiently in line to view the nativity, but then they stayed and craned their necks to study the ceiling, gazed at the stained glass windows, pondered the furnishings.