Monday, January 23, 2023

Catholic Small Group Study

         The Apostles is a collection of the catecheses Pope Benedict XVI gave during his weekly General Audiences in 2006 and 2007. The talks were given in either St. Peter’s Square or, in less favorable weather, the Paul VI Hall next to St. Peter’s Basilica.

Below are excerpts from a study guide written by Amy Welborn and available for free download here. 

Below are some of questions for the session on the apostles Andrew, James the Lesser and James the Greater. 

Questions for Reflection 

1. The Gospels record Andrew asking questions of Jesus. What role does asking questions of the Lord, like Andrew did, play in your spiritual life? How do you discern His answers? What role does the presence of Jesus in the Church – in the sacramental life, spiritual traditions, Scripture, and Church teaching – play in your discernment?

 2. Andrew spoke “enthusiastically” about Jesus to others. Are you comfortable speaking about your faith in Jesus to others? What would help you be more like Andrew?

 3. An ancient story describes Andrew as welcoming the cross upon which he would die. What does this mean to you? How has the Cross of Jesus helped you find meaning in suffering? 

4. James left the “boat” of his own secure life to follow Jesus. What boats have you left for the sake of following Jesus? Why is it hard to leave the boat? What are the rewards?

 5. Who are some people you have known or known about who exemplify the unity of faith and charity James emphasizes in his letter? What characterizes their lives?

 6. How can you balance the human need to plan our lives with an openness to the will of God? What does that mean in practical, everyday terms to you?

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