Sunday, October 13, 2019

John Henry Newman Canonized

Today, October 13, 2019, John Henry Newman was canonized a saint.

In 2010, Pope Benedict visited England for the Beatification of John Henry Newman.  During that visit, he gave a talk to school children at an event called “The Big Assembly,” and like all of the talks and homilies he gave at such events,  it was rich and so expressive of his skillful way of teaching, which is profound, yet simple..and yet again, not watered down…so…"amy welborn"
Another book by Amy Welborn

  In structuring this book, we combined the pope’s words with quotations from various saints.  The images are mostly of contemporary children engaged in activities that illustrate the call of Pope Benedict and the saints to follow Christ.  Here’s the text of the entire talk. Some images:

"amy welborn"

And here is the page specifically concerning Newman:

"amy welborn"