Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Free book on Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene: Truth, Legends and Lies

was published by Our Sunday Visitor books some years ago, but is now out of print.You may download a pdf version of the book by clicking here. It is simply a pdf of the original text of the book and therefore has pre-publication markings. But it's free! (If anyone knows how to quickly and easily clean it up...feel free to let me know at amywelborn60 - at - gmail - dot - com.

Are you interested in an objective examination of the life and lore of Mary Magdalene, a narrative that isn't agenda-driven or saturated with ideology?
Do you just want to learn more about Mary Magedalene's identity and role in Christian spirituality, literature and art?
I wrote this book for you.
There's a great deal of material out there on Mary Magdalene, it's true. Some of the scholarly material is really fine, but tooamy welborn many of the books for popular audiences are informed by one ideology or another, or fall completely into fantasy.
In De-coding Mary Magdalene I stick to the facts - what we know about Mary Magdalene from the Gospels, and then how Christian amy welborntradition in both East and West continued to meditate on the figure of Mary Magdalene, seeing in her the model disciple - and weaving all kinds of fascinating legends around her as well.
Here's the bottom line: The Da Vinci Code propogates the lie that Christianity through the ages marginalized and demonized Mary Magdalene as a "whore" in order to minimize her impact.
Wrong, wrong, wrong.
Mary Magdalene was the second most popular saint of the Middle Ages. And do catch that word - saint - Honoring someone as a saint (feastday July 22) is a truly odd way of "demonizing" a person. Don't you think?
So - come meet Mary Magdalene - as she comes to us in the Gospels, as Christians imagined her through the ages as they contemplated her fidelity and discipleship, and how some contemporary interpreters get her so completely wrong.
Table of Contents
  1. Mary of Magdala
  2. "Why Are You Weeping?
  3. The Real Mary?
  4. Apostle to the Apostles
  5. Which Mary?
  6. The Golden Legend
  7. Touching the Magdalene
  8. To the East
  9. The Penitent
  10. Mary and the Mystics
  11. The Magdalene in Art
  12. Rediscovery

Download a pdf version of the book here.

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