Sunday, August 23, 2015

I am the Bread of Life

We've been hearing the Bread of Life discourses from John 6 in Mass these past weeks.

If you are teaching 2nd grade Catechism this year, the book Friendship With Jesus might be a helpful resource.
Friendship with Jesus: Pope Benedict XVI Speaks to Children on Their First Holy Communion

Friendship With Jesus: Pope Benedict XVI Talks to Children on Their First Holy Communion is based on a dialogue in St. Peter's Square that took place in 2006

Artist Ann Engelhart thought the dialogue would make a wonderful children's book and asked me to help edit it and get it published. It was first published in England by the Catholic Truth Society in 2010 and then picked up by Ignatius Press in 2011.
"amy welborn"
"amy welborn"
"amy welborn"

And that’s it – that’s the beginning, not only of a collaboration, but of a great friendship.