Monday, March 10, 2003

Resigning Bishops Beat:

Bishop of Tuscon (72) resigned last week

Seems as if the Bishop of Norwich, CT (who is 75) is announcing his retirement on Tuesday.

Both are due, although Moreno of Tuscon is a little young, his health is apparently failing. Both dioceses have their troubles - Norwich announced staff reductions today - but...what diocese isn't, these days?

Hart of Norwich to be replaced by Michael Richard Cote, currently the auxiliary bishop of the diocese of Portland, Maine

Unresigned Bishop Beat:

Adamec defends himself

Remember, for all of your hierarchy needs, go visit the invaluable Catholic Hierarchy website, where a mere click of a mouse can tell you who was bishop of Morelio, Mexico in 1674 or who's being ordained bishop of Nyahururu, Kenya on March 25, 2003.

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