Sunday, January 26, 2003

Now this one, I'm torn about:

The IHM's have a big motherhouse in Monroe, Michigan. And I mean big - 376,000 square feet, with 240 retired sisters living there and (according to the article I'm about to link) 250 employees there on a daily basis. It's a huge place and not energy efficient, to say the least. It needed renovation, so the sisters decided to go whole hog - er, whole....hmm...tofu? and do it an ecologically sound manner which would not only save the earth blah blah blah it would also just make more sense, economically, in terms of energy costs.

So it's done and it cost $56 million bucks

Seeing the figure, my cynical, blogfodder-seeking heart went leap! higher than a Tampa Bay Buc fan, but then I started thinking about it, and well, yeah, it probably would cost that much to do such an extensive renovation in such a large plant, and well, why not be ecologically responsible?

But er...where did the money come from? They're not out begging for the retirement fund for religious are they, crying poor, are they?

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