Thursday, January 23, 2003

Late start today because the car wouldn't start. Actually it did -the first time I tried it, at around 6:30 right before Michael left for work. I wanted to make sure it would start before he left. Okay then, but an hour later when it was time to make the first run (David to school), I turned it and did something squirrely - I'm not sure what - I then I got the dreaded "clickclickclick." Oh. Michael told me later I shouldn't have just started it quickly when he left - I probably used all the available juice in just doing that.

But I did, and we can't wallow in the past. So I arranged rides for everyone, called AAA and waited. An hour and half later, the guy came, plugged the cables into this big ol' outlet in the front of his truck, and voila - we have internal combustion.

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