Sunday, December 1, 2002

A young man who was treated for a near-fatal cancerous lymphoma ten years ago is now playing football.

The treatment may have done its work, but the family believes that Buffalo's famous Fr. Baker had something to do with it, too:

But then Gaylord spent 11 days in Children's Hospital undergoing tests and biopsies. He was about to be transferred to Roswell Park to begin an experimental form of chemotherapy when new X-rays came back. "Those 11 days, during those tests and stuff, I was about two weeks away from the final stage," he said. "Then when they did the X-rays, they virtually found nothing left (of the cancer) in my chest. "They actually had me take the X-ray over again. They thought they had the wrong one. They thought they had the wrong kid." Gaylord's grandfather, Jack Gaylord Sr., put a Father Nelson Baker medal he received from the priest himself on Peter when he was hospitalized. The Gaylords credit it in Peter's recovery.

More on Fr. Baker.

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