Friday, December 20, 2002

Well, I don't see the problem. Mattel has decided to make a pregnant Barbie-type doll (hey, she's married, with a 3-year old. And she's a doll, remember.)

Not everyone likes it

The pregnant Midge comes with a protruding, rounded belly. Toymaker Mattel veered from reality, however, in the way Midge delivers the baby. Lift off the belly section, and the curled up infant drops out. Because Midge's pregnant look is achieved with a detachable part and tiny magnets, her instant flat stomach returns far faster than any abs an exercise machine can deliver.While the Yorktown Wal-Mart thought it best to sidestep an issue that seemed to bother some of its customers, other Hampton Roads Wal-Marts have done well with Midge.Both the Newport News and Hampton stores sold out of the pregnant doll, store officials said....Even though the doll was a hit, several shoppers at the Hampton Wal-Mart complained, said Kitty Worley, who works in the toy section of that store. Some customers told her they wouldn't buy the new Midge dolls because they didn't want their little girl playing with a pregnant doll and that the Barbie line of dolls is supposed to be a role model for young girls.

Yeah. We're not bothered by modeling unrealistic body images, but we're bothered by a baby.

Logic strikes again.

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