Monday, December 16, 2002

Sort of a lost weekend for me. I came down with the cold that's afflicted everyone else in the house (except David), so I although I did things, I don't remember much of it, honestly. It's been that kind of fog.

Saturday morning, we started of by heading to lovely Decatur, Indiana, to watch the momentous battle between the St. John's Eagles and the St. Joseph's Commodores 5th grade basketball teams. Katie continues her energetic play, chasing down her opponents like she's got a contract out on them, and hauling that ball up in the air from great distances - she is going to make a 3-pointer before the end of the season, I'll bet.

Of course, they lost (0-4 so far) in a show of strong defenses - I guess that's what you could call a 14-9 final score.

Did I do anything Saturday afternoon? I don't remember. Honestly. Saturday night, we went over to the very hospitable Nancy Nall's house for a lovely open house, and yes, this was the first time we'd actually met face to face! . We took Joseph, who gave their dog some work to do each time he spilled something on the rug, and who also made a religious statement of course when he grabbed baby Jesus out of the manger, dropped him on the floor where - yes - the dog immediately rushed, eager for another snack. We obviously made our exit before the Trivial Pursuit game. It was a very nice evening - thanks Nancy!!

Today, Katie and I went to a production of The Christmas Schooner a musical of the heartwarming genre (is there any other kind for the season? Should there be?) based on the true story of German immigrants who brave the wintery waters of Lake Michigan to get tannenbaums from the north shore of the lake down to Chicago. Sort of - if I'm not giving away too much here - an Edmund Fitzgerald thing, only a little more cheerful. Just a little.

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