Wednesday, December 18, 2002

More on the Philly-area priest in the story below.

The archdiocese took away his public duties when the charges emerged, and Father DePaoli entered the Villa of St. John's Vienny, a Catholic health facility in Downingtown. In 1988, he went to the House of Affirmation, an after-care facility in Hopedale, Mass., for two years, Rossi said.After his recuperation, Father DePaoli spent several years at St. John the Baptist parish in New Jersey, Rossi said. With the sacrament ban in place, he came back to Philadelphia to reside at Immaculate Conception in 1992, Rossi said. He went to St. Gabriel's on Dec. 2, 1995, with the understanding that he would work within the restrictions imposed by the archdiocese."He had no parish responsibilities," Rossi said. "He was simply in residence there."

Oh. Well, that's nice. Get convicted of possessing child pornorgraphy, spend the rest of your life hanging out at the rectory. Surely the man had to do something to earn his keep.Seems to me that if a guy like that insists on remaining in the priesthood and attached to the diocese, they should put him to work as the Chancery maintenance man or something...

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