Friday, December 20, 2002

In honor of Katie's piano recital last night, I post this story:

Man arrested for refusing to make way for a piano recital scheduled for a church

Brunklaus said she had received a request from Comfort-Waldorf six weeks prior asking to use the church for a piano recital so that the children could show their parents how much progress they had made. Brunklaus agreed.Services at the church are over shortly before 1 p.m., she said, and Traugott often makes use of the quiet time to use the church for further prayers. This day, she said, the church had held a Christmas party downstairs and the recital was scheduled for around 3 p.m. But at 2:45 p.m., "he was still going strong," she said.Asked repeatedly to stop, or at least to pray silently, Traugott refused, she said. Delayed by the confrontation, the recital finally had to be moved downstairs, the players using a portable piano. Brunklaus called police.

The guy seems to have been protesting the fact that the Blessed Sacrament was not going to be removed from the tabernacle during the recital, which, I understand, it should be in this kind of situation....

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