Friday, December 20, 2002

In Boston today, a priest was deposed in a sexual abuse-related civil lawsuit of another priest, admitted his suspicisions, expressed regret that he'd not acted on them and urged the accused priest to come clean about the whole matter.

Hoatson said he was not surprised earlier this year when Garry Garland and David Carney accused Ryan of molesting them and photographing them naked when they were students at Catholic Memorial two decades ago. Church authorities placed Ryan on administrative leave after the allegations first surfaced in March. At the time, Ryan was a parish priest and a vicar who oversaw 16 parishes.Hoatson, who now works in New Jersey but who was a teacher at Catholic Memorial in the 1980s, said he had misgivings over the large amounts of time Ryan -- a former chaplain at the school -- was spending with student athletes.

"I couldn't understand why a former chaplain who held a big archdiocesan job was still coming back ... to be involved in the football and basketball programs," Hoatson said. "After all, we had a chaplain in the school and I was supposed to be the moderator of the football program. Yet Father Fred continued to insert himself in the lives of the young men who played football and other sports," he said. Hoatson said he was sorry that he did not follow through on his hunch about Ryan.

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