Thursday, December 26, 2002

A Blessed Christmas (remember - it's only just begun...)

We were, of course, blanketed with snow on Christmas Eve and into the night. Christmas morning, we awoke to what looked like a Christmas card, especially in an older neighborhood. It was gorgeous. It also required shoveling right away, because well, we had to get to Mass, didn't we? So Michael spent the first part of the morning out there pushing the snow to the side so we could make our trek. Got to Mass, along with the other hundred or so who were there - Joseph made it through the Gospel, but then had to be removed to netherregions until the Sing of Peace ("Peesh!). We didn't get around to opening gifts until after that - around lunchtime. And then there was a turkey breast to be cooked (Christmas Eve dinner - blackened salmon - Michael's idea - turned out great) and...nothing else to do...a lazy, relaxing day.

I have a few photos that I'll post later.

Michaell has a year-end letter posted here, and it makes me tired to even just read it. I'd forgotten we did half the stuff he recounts!

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