Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Bishop Lennon meets the press

Says he supports settling with abuse victims:

Lennon said he has asked that all parties "set aside, except for activity mandated by the court, the day-to-day litigation activities for a period of time so as to permit all parties to actively pursue the potential for a comprehensive settlement of all cases."Lennon said he would continue to offer counseling and outreach support for victim survivors."And I will also begin to meet with victim survivors who wish a meeting with me. Respectfully listening to them, I hope to learn and appreciate the depth of their suffering."I will in turn extend to each of them my apology on behalf of the church for the abuse which they have suffered."He said selling off some of the church's properties and bankruptcy still have not been ruled out as a means of paying claim settlements.

This UPI article says that no reporter asked him about the claims that he knew about abuse in two cases for laicization, didn't report to the civil authorities, but should have. I find it strange that he wasn't even asked.

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