Thursday, November 21, 2002

Why did Catholics vote for Gray Davis?

Although overseeing the most anti-Catholic administration in California history, Davis ran well among Catholics — 25 percent of the electorate — beating Simon 53 to 39 percent. In contrast, non-Catholic Christians favored Simon, 55 to 35 percent. One could argue Davis was re-elected based on the Catholic vote.

How is this possible? Consider the following: In September, Davis signed four bills, all of them “in your face” affronts to Catholics. One enshrined abortion as a “fundamental human right.” Another required all state ob-gyn students to learn abortion procedures with no exclusion for personal conscience. Yet another requires all hospitals — even Catholic ones — to provide “emergency contraception” to rape victims. And Davis’s budget included $40 million to abort 120,000 unborn children.

All told, Davis — nominally a Catholic, by the way — bragged, “California is, hands down, the most pro-choice state in America.” Did anyone hear a peep during the gubernatorial campaign from California’s Catholic bishops about any of this? If so, I never saw it. As far as I could tell, the bishops maintained deathly silence on the issue of life.

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