Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Well, that was tiring.

Stayed up too late, of course, and then ended up spending much of the night dozing on the couch with the slightly-coughing baby, turning on the TV to check on the progress of Our Nation.

My first observation concerns voter fraud. Boy, it must be easy to do.

I went to vote at the Unitarian Church (after an initial stop at the synagogue literally right next door - I couldn't remember if that was my precinct. Two years is a long time, okay?). The guy asked my name. He found it on the list. Told me to sign my name and put down my driver's license number. I couldn't remember (do you see a theme?) if that was my social security number or not (in Florida, it's not), and before I could finish my question, the guy said, "Oh, just write down the last four numbers of your social security number. That's okay."

End of examination. No ID required. Say you're someone, sign that name, and vote.

Not exactly reassuring.

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