Wednesday, November 27, 2002

This is a weird story

...that might be clearer with just a little better reporting. But here goes: A priest has gone missing from Tyler, Texas, apparently because his bishop wanted his former parish to institute a Spanish Mass, many in the parish protested, and, I guess the priest didn't want it either, so he was transferred to another parish. And then he disappeared.

Anthony left Trinity sometime around Nov. 3, when he had a parishioner read a letter to the congregation."Officially we do not know where he is," said Monsignor James E. Young, chancellor of the Tyler diocese. Young acknowledged Corrada recently received a letter from Anthony, but that the priest did not indicate he was going to Rome."He's still a member of the Tyler diocese but he's left his parish without permission," Young said. "That's all that really could be said that's solid and true."Corrada has been unavailable for comment due to being "tied up in meetings," Young said.

Meanwhile, Robert Smith, a Paris, parishioner who co-founded "Cry for Justice," a group opposed to Anthony's transfer, said Anthony telephoned him from Rome on Saturday."He said that everything had gone well and that he was very pleased," Smith said.Anthony has joined the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, an order of Catholic priests who are out of the reach of diocesan control, Smith said. After concluding meetings with the head of that order, Anthony will leave Wednesday for a sabbatical in India and then return to the United States for assignment several weeks later, Smith said.Anthony was ordained in his home Archdiocese of Hyderabad, India, in 1992 and has twice been voted the best pastor in Lamar County. In August, he told the Tyler Morning Telegraph he accepted the transfer to Holy Trinity parish on June 7 under the bishop's threat of canonical removal as priest of Our Lady of Victory in Paris.Corrada instituted a Spanish mass at Our Lady of Victory in February against the wishes of some who believe it divides the congregation by language, Parish Advisory Council President Gary Nash said in August.

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