Wednesday, November 20, 2002

So much for the conspiracy theories:Kopp confesses

Kopp said his outrage over abortion prompted him to shoot Slepian. He insists, however, that he intended to wound Slepian to prevent the physician from performing more abortions. And he said he hopes that jurors will believe his account and understand his motives when his murder case goes to trial next year in Erie County Court. "The truth is not that I regret shooting Dr. Slepian. I regret that he died," Kopp said. "I aimed at his shoulder. The bullet took a crazy ricochet, and that's what killed him. One of my goals was to keep Dr. Slepian alive, and I failed at that goal."

....Kopp said he decided to make a public confession because he feels badly that his supporters have been misled, and he wants them to know the truth about his actions and the reasons behind them. He said his only regret about the Amherst shooting is that Slepian died. He said he is haunted by feelings of sorrow for Slepian's wife and four sons.

...Kopp said he understands why some people will accuse him of being a hypocrite advocating pro-life positions but shooting to death another human.

He said his attack on Slepian was consistent with his pro-life viewpoint, because it prevented Slepian from performing more abortions.

"I didn't intend to kill Dr. Slepian," Kopp said. "Why do you think I used force against Dr. Slepian when he was within 10 hours of taking the lives of 25 babies? The question answers itself."

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