Friday, November 8, 2002

A reader writes:

The idea of input from the laity can be rattling -- but can it be more unsettling than the McBriens, Weaklands, McCormacks, Chittisters of this world? -- aw heck, I gotta stop before I ruin my Friday!

I think you've hit on it -- buried in this morass is a laity wakeup call.Not just a call to add one more meeting to the daytimer or put our $.02 worth in to the bishop on some committee reeking self-importance but to examine our lives for how we respond to the call to discipleship in all things. I believe our assent to grapple with daily holiness will be the source of credibility in dialogue with the hierarchy. With the present

crisis of integrity in our leadership, lay must challenge lay, not just rely on the call from above.One can only hope!

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