Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Now I really am wondering if they'll be called the Snowbirds"

Monaghan announces plans for the town that pizza built

Monaghan said the university in Florida will also include a strong sports program. He said he hopes to finish its construction by 2006.

And by the way...

There are no plans to close the Michigan campus or move the law school to Florida.

Re/some comments below. I, too, assumed that Monaghan's expansion plans - particularly for that big crucifix- in Ann Arbor were the victims of anti-Catholic liberal Ann Arbor sentiment - until I actually went to Ann Arbor. It became clear to me that among other things, the city has a strong anti-sign ordinance - there's nothing more than about five feet off the ground, it seems - and that huge crucifix would violate such an ordinance.

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