Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Now, for the results. In general, I say a pox on all and every political party, but the excellent thing about the GOP taking control of the Senate is that perhaps we can finally get some judges confirmed. A GOP-controlled Senate isn't going to do anything more one under Democrat control about essential issues like education and life issues - not when most GOP-ers are just as scared of the NEA as anyone else, and, on the latter issus, as long as Lincoln Chaffee and Susan Collins and Olympia Snow are counted in the "GOP" column.

The most heartening victory of the night to me was that of Coleman in Minnesota - in the debate with Mondale, the differences on the abortion issue were made very clear, and Coleman wasn't defensive or weasly on the matter at all. It serves to soothe the pain of the Granholm victory - just a bit. Grrrr.

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