Tuesday, November 19, 2002

John Podhoretz takes appropriate aim at the new Harry Potter moview, effectively skewering it for an almost total lack of human interest and real thrills:

"We see the flying car twice. And what we see is: A flying car. We don't get a sense of exhilaration, of liberation. What we get is a couple of kids in a car that happens to be flying.

True, except that he forgot to mention that Columbus attempts to communicate the efffect of the flying car is by unending close-ups of Harry and Ron, mouths wide open, screaming, in true Cannonball Run style.

Good review, and one that, along with my current reading of some Potterological Interpretation over the past couple of days, makes me very sad about the lost opportunities of this movie series so far. Faithful to the externals, yes..but at the same time unfaithful by neglect of the themes Rowling is weaving.

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