Tuesday, November 5, 2002

In regard to my comments on the revised policy:

I don't suggest going to the law first in an abuse case as a way of harming the Church. I advocate it because...abuse is a crime. Yeah. Remember? And the lawyers? Well, that's to make sure the victim is properly compensated for costs associated with the abuse. Therapy. Things like that. The lawyers also are there to make sure that the law doesn't succumb to the temptation to give in to the diocese's deep and profound hopes that this will all be kept quiet. This policy says that the accused has the right to representation. Doesn't the victim?

What the Church is to do with a lawbreaker in its employ or under its wing is a secondary question. The first step is to get the perpetrator under the loving charge of the law.

I mean, if a teacher abused your kid or a band leader seduced your teenage son or daughter, would your first call be to the principal? No. It would be to the police.

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