Monday, November 4, 2002

In California, Diocese of Orange is deep in the red, blaming the stock market, once again which is probably true - I worry about church finances being so dependent on the vagaries of the market. It seems to be a way of asking for trouble.

Anyway, the bishop has been apparently open about the financial problems, in contrast to the situation Somewhere Else:

In Los Angeles, officials have declined to publicly release their 2000-01 report — scheduled for publication last March in the Tidings, the archdiocesan newspaper — or answer basic questions about church finances.

"Rapidly changing financial conditions and subsequent events related to the sexual-abuse crisis in the spring of 2002 made the publication of financial results from June 30, 2001, not relevant to current conditions," church officials said in a prepared statement released to The Times on Sunday.Church officials did say that the report for the fiscal year ending in June of this year will be published in the Tidings early next year, ahead of the usual March or April deadline, and will contain information from the unreleased 2000-01 report.

(LA Times LRR)

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