Saturday, November 16, 2002

From the Sacramento Bee, tales of two priests:

Matthew Fox

He has lately become pastor to a "techno cosmic mass" that combines the dance culture of "raves" with the Christian liturgy at an old ballroom in Oakland, at 19th Street and Broadway. (The next techno cosmic mass will be held at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 24.)"I feel that ritual is very important," he says, "So we're deconstructing the liturgy. We're trying to show people that you don't have to take the drug Ecstasy to get high. If we do liturgy right, it gives the transcendence people are looking for in drugs."

And Zlatco Sudac

When Sudac walked onto the stage, many in the audience leaned forward in their seats. They soon discovered what many of his followers already knew -- on the orders of his bishop in Croatia, Sudac covers his marks.But that didn't seem to matter. The slight priest with the long brown hair -- many said he looks a lot like how they envision Jesus -- has a powerful stage presence. Although he needed an interpreter, Sudac's message of love and hope connected with the audience. There was nothing radical about what he said -- his words clearly fall into mainstream Catholicism. He spoke passionately about Christ and following him."I thought he was just excellent," Ruby Hernandez said during a break. She concedes she was curious about the stigmata. "He was chosen by God to have it, and I think he was chosen so people would come to hear what he has to say."

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