Monday, November 25, 2002

Charismatic ministry expells pastor because....

He's engaged in financial improprieties?

He's violated the Sixth Commandment?

He's been seen in a dress?


He protests at abortion clinics.

Not any abortion clinic, either - the notorious Wichita Tillman 3rd-trimester facility:

A Wichita, Kan., pastor has been expelled from a worldwide charismatic ministry renowned for its message of faith and biblical prosperity because he was active in the pro-life movement. The move has prompted a New Jersey minister who is trying to raise awareness of the pastor's ouster to consider removing his congregation from the organization.Mark Holick had his ordination revoked this summer by the Tulsa, Okla.-based Rhema Ministerial Association International (RMAI), which has more than 23,000 graduates and 13 schools worldwide.For the last two years, Holick, who along with his wife, Monica, pastors 300-member Spirit One Christian Center, has joined other Wichita pastors in protesting the abortion clinic of local Dr. George Tiller, called "the most infamous late-term abortionist in the world" by the Christian pro-life group Operation Save America.....

Rhema's Tulsa-based attorney, Tom Winters, told Charisma News Service that "Rhema is not for abortion." Winters said he advised RMAI leaders to revoke Holick's license because his pro-life activism could cause Rhema to be "potentially sued."

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