Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Archbishop Milingo will be traveling to Zambia for a visit in December.

Apostolic Nuncio in Zambia Archbishop Orlando Antonini yesterday said Archbishop Milingo would while in Zambia complete the traditional burial rites of his sister Adelaide Chilumbu who died last year.He said Archbishop Milingo would celebrate a public Holy Eucharist on Saturday December 14 with archbishops and bishops in Zambia, presided over by the Apostolic Nuncio himself. "Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo after a long retreat with Focolare community in Argentina on Wednesday, November 13, 2002, thanks be to God, resumed his ecclesial ministry at a spirituality centre, prepared ad hoc, at Zagarolo, Italy, after the completion of the renovation works at the centre," he said. According to a statement released by the Vatican on Friday, Archbishop Milingo will resume his public ministry on November 21, ending more than a year of penitential isolation following his return to the Church.The Vatican stated that the Archbishop would preside over a public Mass for the feast of the presentation of the blessed Virgin Mary at an 11th-Century Cistercian abbey about 60 miles south-east of Rome.

I knew he'd been in Latin America, but I didn't know his retreat time was with a Focolare community.

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