Monday, October 21, 2002

Well, yes, we dashed across Ohio on Thursday and went to Pittsburgh. Then we went to sleep, then we got up, I spoke, and we dashed back across Ohio, and were home by 9pm.

I spoke at the Pittsburgh Diocese's "Total Catholic Religious Education Conference" on "Teaching Faith and Values through Literature." I don't think I was too terribly boring, and took the chance, among other things, to offer my anti-Pullman harangue. Had probably around 150 people in the room, I think. Had a chance to see nice people like Mike Aquilina, Mary-Louise Kurey and Johnette Benkovic.

The new, still-being rebuilt convention center in Pittsburgh is a wretched mess, requiring one to walk miles to get from one floor to another, especially if one has a stroller and must use an elevator. But they did the best with what they had, and came up with an excellent conference, with, as far as I could tell, no workshops dedicated to helping students find their Enneagram type by meditating on the mythical paradigms of 13th century MezoAmerica. I guess they don't do that in Pittsburgh.

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