Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Some local news: Baby's death ruled homicide

Here's the story: A woman was 5 1/2 months pregnant. Her baby's father beat her severely. A day later, she gave birth, and the baby died.

An autopsy performed Friday revealed Nevah died Oct. 17 of blunt force trauma, said Dr. E. Jon Brandenberger, Allen County coroner. His death was ruled Allen County's 24th homicide this year.

Tests showed that the baby sustained the injuries during the beating of his mother Oct. 9, said chief investigator Dick Alfeld of the coroner's office.

Sobering, of course, because of the evil involved. Thought-provoking because, of course, that same baby at that same gestational age - could endure more than blunt trauma at the hands of an abortionist and no one would go to jail, no one would be charged with homicide, the people who did it would make a lot of money, and the whole thing would be called a "choice" worth celebrating.

I should add that this was one of two murdered babies stories in our paper today. Here's the other one.

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