Wednesday, October 23, 2002

A reader writes in to say that he went to school with the aforementioned Marc Anthony (not the singer - the ex-seminarian mentioned yesterday) and to all appearances, the guy seemed like a "rock solid orthodox prayerful sort of fellow." He continues,

Part of the lesson is that you really never know what lurks behind the human heart. But even more importantly is that the Crisis that we have been experiencing in the American Church is not just with a bunch of 50 or 60 something priests - there are some serious homo and heterosexual deviants out there right now among the younger clergy (and I am not talking about typical struggles with celibacy in a pervasively erotic society) and most of them APPEAR orthodox and not your typical liberal ideologue. This is a bomb waiting to explode - this is more than a crisis of fidelity to the magisterium.

Like I've been sayin' might seem easy to reflexively associate these kinds of problems with various ideological wings of the Church (how sad to even use that terminology!) but when you look at reality, it just doesn't work.

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