Wednesday, October 16, 2002

The NY Daily News on the Brooklyn lawsuit:

"This kind of abuse would have been impossible without the knowing silence of people high in authority," said lawyer Michael Dowd, who filed the suit on behalf of the alleged victims. "They allowed other children to be raped and sodomized over decades."

The suit avers that the diocese was negligent in failing to warn parents about alleged abuse.

Dowd charged that church leaders even maintained a secret bank account called the Good Shepherd Fund, with which they bought victims' silence.

"The men who have done this - not only the abusers but the facilitators - are outlaws who have attempted to hijack the Catholic Church," Dowd said.

Dowd also dropped a bombshell accusation: That Bishop Francis Mugavero, Daily's predecessor, ignored the abuse allegations because he was gay.Dowd charged at a press conference yesterday that Mugavero, who died in 1991, was "living in a glass house" and feared that his own sexual relationships with adult men might become public if he cracked down on abusive priests. That allegation was not in the court papers.

The NY Times account omits that final detail.

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