Thursday, October 3, 2002

"Mother,...the latest recruitment numbers are in."

"Yes, sister? How did we do last year?"

"Well....not so well, I suppose you'd say if you were looking at it from a worldly perspective. "

"What does that mean?"

"Well, we had two postulants, but one seems to have gone Unitarian on us and Crone Magdala has decided to go Wicca."


"So? Who told them that meant they had to leave us?"

These musing brought to you by this morning's Fort Wayne paper (not Nancy's - she works for the afternoon joint) which carried this story about a place called Sophia's Portico - a gathering spot for women to (of course) explore their spirituality, with a gift shop for your extra special pleasure.

It was started by and run by three Franciscan sisters.

Here's the website. Enjoy. Explore. And wonder no more (if you still were) why religious orders for women have, for the most part, collapsed in this country and won't exist - except for the more traditional orders (Missionaries of Charity, Sisters of Life, etc...) and the few devotees of Sophia hanging out in their retirement homes - in two or three decades.

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