Thursday, October 10, 2002

It's been a few days since we've had a post stuffed with seventy comments or more.

Maybe this will get you going

From the UK: Why I left Opus Dei

I don’t claim that my experience left me damaged, but I do know others for whom membership has left scars. I only ever dipped one toe into the water, but several contemporaries of mine were in up to their cojones, and some spent many years there before they got out. When we joined what was on the face of it a youth club (though one in which a female shadow was never cast) we failed to see that we had entered a pre-planned vocational training programme — until, for some, it was too late. A make-or-break moment of choice was engineered for the chosen ones; existing members worked towards it behind our backs. Our progress towards that point was plotted secretly; we were nudged towards it without ever knowing what was up. In my case, it was my cussedness that saved me; when told by the member whose role it had been to befriend me (needless to say, I have not seen him since) that God was asking me to join Opus Dei as a celibate numerary, I replied that if that had been the case, God would have told me first, not him. I asked to be accepted as a non-celibate supernumerary. The coldness of their response led me to quit.

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