Thursday, October 31, 2002

I had sort of big plans for Halloween. Sort of, because I'm not into decorating our house with cobwebs and the remains of witches. Much less huge inflated pumpkins with ghosts sticking out the top, waving - I've seen a few of those tasteful items on area lawns.

We did do the pumpkins two days ago, and I had every intention of making cookies and trying to figure out a costume that Joseph would tolerate - he HATES stuff on his head and can be picky about shirts, if he's a pesky mood. He's learned how to roar, so I thought he'd be a cute lion.

But this week - oy. I got sick Friday night, lay on the couch all day Saturday. Joseph threw up all night Sunday night. Michael was sick all day Monday. I thought the other two might escape, since they were out of town last weekend, but no. David was sick much of the night on Tuesday, and that same night, at 2am, Katie showed up in the bathroom, sitting on the floor, weeping about her throat and running a temperature. Tuesday was a night of very little sleep for any of us, and last night was a restless night for the baby (he keeps tricking us with these great nights about every 10 days. But he also spent most of yesterday with his fist stuck in his mouth, so you can figure out the cause of the restlessness.)

So, today, I'm wiped out. Plus, the babysitter called at 7:30 and said she was sick. So Joseph is here with his half-comatose mommy, running around yelling "Pump-pa!" every six seconds ("Pumpkin" for those not literate in Baby) and I have a column to write.

So - I think I'll go to the store. Makes sense, yes?

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