Monday, October 28, 2002

German news:

Catholic Archdiocese of Berlin with severe financial problems

The Catholic archdiocese of Berlin is on the brink of financial collapse, and extensive layoffs look certain as it struggles with massive debt, a spokesman said Monday. Plenty of businesses have gone bankrupt in the current German slump, but Cardinal Georg Sterzinsky is one of the most unusual chief executives to be caught in the crunch. His capital-city diocese serves 382,000 Catholics. Spokesman Andreas Herzig said Christmas bonuses would continue to be paid to the church's 2,800 employees in Berlin. However management consultants from McKinsey have been called in to advise on cost cuts and job cuts look imminent if the archdiocese is to avoid insolvency.

The German Embassy in Israel was planning a memorial service to honor war dead - including members of the SS.

The German Embassy in Israel is planning a memorial ceremony next month - and not for the first time, according to the embassy's military attache - for Germans killed while serving in the army of the Third Reich, including those in SS units. On November 17, at the the cemetery for World War I soldiers adjacent to the Holy Family hospital in Nazareth, two German priests will give speeches and lay wreathes.

News today is that they've postponed it.

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