Tuesday, October 15, 2002

From the Toledo area: Little Sisters of the Poor beg in Detroit:

It’s 8:15 a.m. Wednesday at the Detroit Produce Terminal and two white habits flash past forklifts, boxcars, and roaring refrigerated truck trailers.

Sister Mary Lucille and Sister Rose stride down a concrete loading dock, pushing a four-wheeled dolly before them.

Time is short. Produce wholesalers close shop early, and Sister Lucille’s mental grocery list is a long one.

Lucille and Rose beg each week for the Sacred Heart Home for the Aged on Navarre Avenue in Oregon. They and nine other Little Sisters of the Poor oversee care of 70 indigent patients, a responsibility that includes providing three meals each day for about 100 people.

The founding charter of Little Sisters of the Poor requires each of its 220 homes to depend strictly on "Divine Providence" to meet financial needs. Except for Medicare payments, the order receives no ongoing support from the Vatican, the Toledo Catholic Diocese, or the government. What money or resources they need, they must ask for themselves.

(In case you're confused, the "Oregon" refers to a town in Ohio, not the state)

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