Monday, September 30, 2002

Three Lexington priests receive threatening letters regarding their stance on homosexuality

Three conservative Catholic priests from the Diocese of Lexington have received threatening letters warning them to "immediately cease and desist from your persecution and outing of gay priests in the diocese."The Nicholasville Police Department is investigating the matter as a case of "terroristic threatening," and Catholic officials are looking into the matter.The letters purport to be from the "Gay Priests Association," although no such organization is known to exist in the Lexington diocese."The diocese is taking this seriously," said church spokes-man Thomas Shaughnessy. "We're looking into it as best we can on our end."

The unsigned letters accuse the Rev. William Bush of St. Luke parish in Nicholasville, the Rev. Tom Imfeld of Corbin, and the Rev. John Dane of wounding and slandering the diocese, its gay priests, and its former Lexington bishop, J. Ken-drick Williams.The letters also accuse Dane -- who has developed Web sites for many parishes and worked as an information technician at the diocesan office -- of running a Web site that is highly critical of liberals, feminists and gay priests in the Lexington diocese.Dane said he has no ties to the site.

What web site is that, I wonder?

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