Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Remember Cardinal Keeler's list?

His priests aren't happy about it.

There was a sense of mourning as the priests read the names of men who were classmates, friends or mentors who are now disgraced."It was an emotional shock for all the priests there. There were people who you knew had been in trouble, but there were also people you never thought were in trouble at all," said the Rev. Michael Roach, pastor of St. Bartholomew Catholic Church in Manchester. "There were so many of our men who had done great work. It was tragic, tragic, tragic, especially for their families who survive."

Cardinal Keeler's intention, as he stated it, was to make sure that Catholics and the general public have complete confidence in the priests who are actively ministering now, knowing that the names of all the accused are out there for all to see.

"So often a pall is cast, a sort of suspicion is directed toward all of our clergy," Keeler said. "By taking this step we are affirming that those who are on the front lines are not only worthy of respect, but in my judgment, they're doing a good job."

There are links to the Cardinal's letter and the list of names at the link above.

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